Why the Kedarkantha Trek Is The Magnificent Himalayan Trek

Are you planning to go on a winter trek in Himalayas? And you want to experience a snowfall and do camping in snow, and then this trek is just perfect for you. When you talk about trekking in India, you can’t miss Kedarkantha Peak as it is one of the most sought after trekking destinations here.

Situated at a height of 3,800m above the sea level in Uttarakhand, this trek offers enthralling experience with the views of beautiful pine trees and meadows adorned with the snow from the month of December all the way till April.

Kedarkantha trek typically begins from Sankri, which easily accessible from Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Itinerary. From there, it takes you through the snow-capped mountain peaks, fields covered with snow, frozen pond -basically this trek offers all the spectacular sights any trekker can craves for.

Kedarkantha trek is equally astounding for the nature lovers and landscape photographers. You will be surely rewarded with breathtaking views and thrilling experiences throughout the trekking period of 4 days.

You will also get to experience some of the most beautiful campsites like Juda ka Talab, Kedarkantha base and Hargaon in this Himalayan trek. The picturesque and panoramic views of the sun kissed Himalayan Mountains in the morning sky with their snow adorned peaks await you when you reach the peak of the Kedarkantha.

As this winter trek in Himalayas has just right amount of snow, this trek is perfect for people who are trekking on snow for the first time. Since the temperature in winter can drop down to around -7 at night in this Himalayan trek, carrying more layers is advised to prevent hypothermia. Anyone above the age of seven can to go for this winter trekking.

The road throughout is beautifully covered with snow, peaceful lakes and patches of the fields while it gives you the best glimpse of Himalayas. It’s also one of the best places for skiing as it would allow you to have a glance of heavenly landscapes from height. Serenity of this place provides an unmatched divine feeling to the trekkers. The sky high mountain peaks and the cosmic view of the sky would sure to make you feel that you are on top of the world. The dense forests covered with snow also add to the soothing experience and calm the soul.

Highlights of the Kedarkantha trekking tours


  • You will experience snow-clad mountain and meadows in each direction once you cross the 10,000 feet mark.
  • The campsites that are covered in this winter trekking are a delight for the trekkers.
  • The road is less travelled and is one of the most stunning and serene drives to the mountains.
  • On reaching the Kedarkantha summit, you will be rewarded with the stunning views of the Himalayas.


Therefore, the Kedarkantha Trek is considered to be the magnificent Himalayan trekking in India undoubtedly. It is jam-packed with enchanting and overwhelming experiences for the trekkers and is one of the best trekking spots in the country.


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