December 2, 2022

The new cannabis industry of California can be confusing for those who are curious about the timeline, blazing new trails and making a name for themselves as pioneers in the legal market. Some areas have made these requirements so strict that they are almost impossible. These are the requirements for a business environment where they can work. Limited approved locations, limited rental properties, and limited approved business values. With 20 companies currently trying, they are now scrambling for opportunities to take advantage of every available opportunity. And landlords know it, raising rents. Challenges even without a deadline hang over their heads, reminding them that time is against them. Those who did this are fighting against the petitioners for an extension. Many cannabis users have closed down because they could not overcome all the obstacles in their way. Some choose to work illegally. Put yourself in danger of losing money and going to jail. They don’t have the financial difficulties that licensed companies face and can take all the business so that the buyers make sure they don’t have to pay taxes in these illegal shops. For those in the middle, getting temporary permits, some of them earning money, they may encounter unexpected difficulties in the community, because of choosing from a large pool of distributors for not identifying anyone. who has a lic, is trustworthy.


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Everyone faces financial problems as they jump through all the doors. Those who made it to the end faced the fact that more than 50% of the business because of closing, their products have stopped without being able to move into the legal market. As the black market collapses, leaving prices of the product at rock bottom, legal cannabis growers are locking up their crops for 120 days or more, and some are losing their farms. In an effort to save their farms, some of them send all their crops to a trusted distributor with a transport license, who will bring the bill 30-60 after delivery only to find out that they have delivered the crops. they in the hands of the one who kept extending the day. of approved payments. As the months pass, some wonder if having a Lic carrier guarantees product safety.

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