Driveway Design – Maximize Usable Space While Adding Curb Appeal

If you wish to use your driveway space effectively without spending much, then this article is a must read for you and will not only help you maximize the use of your driveway space but also create a unique ambience.

To make the most of your resin driveways glasgow you want to utilize the space available and take advantage of the existing landscape. The design options of your driveway are not limited to shape and grade but can include the use of different materials, finishes, and colors. You can maximize use of space without spending a fortune by following these simple design tips.


  • Your first consideration should be parking. How many vehicles will your driveway accommodate? Keep overnight guests and family in mind. You should allow for ten feet in width and 20 feet in length for each vehicle. If you are parking two vehicles side by side 20 feet will give you enough room for the vehicles plus entry and exit.
  • Use existing landscape to your advantage allowing the driveway to weaver through and around the landscape.
  • You want to consider an exit strategy. Backing into a busy street can sometimes be dangerous. The addition of a turnaround between existing trees can both compliment the yard and allow for additional parking.
  • Plant ornamental flowers or short bushes along the edge of the driveway. This will not only look good but will also create a natural border.
  • For side entry garages always allow room to easily back the car out and make the turn back towards the street. This will allow you to pull forward into traffic as opposed to having to back into a dangerous intersection.
  • Add curb appeal using color and texture. Color can be added to the concrete while still in the truck and textures and patterns can be added before the concrete fully hardens.


The driveway design can add beauty to your home in general and the yard in particular. Although it is important that you consult a professional for the laying of your new driveway you can always use your innovative ides to make it look as unique as your personality.


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